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Oscar GmbH was established in 2012 and is an all-around import and export trade company which is operating in European and South East Asian markets. We have grown leaps and bounds by taking customer-centric approach backed by high quality service and have grown into a strong and established company with the capability of flourishing and overcoming challenging economic environment. Our beginnings were indeed humble. Starting out with fundamental principle by putting ‘customer first’ and listened to them, we have delivered on promises. Being flexible as a company allowed to adapt, compete and out perform our competitors. Even tough we are newly founded, we quickly regain lots of trusts from our clients since we are passionate about our clients and back it up with the best service. 


We provide a variety of products and services for people and business.
Here is a glimpse at what we are offering to the market.

Trade Service

Export and Import Services Between Indonesia and Germany

As the term of globalisation continues to increase day by day affecting the trading activities, Oscar GmbH offers an import and export solutions by providing superior trade services to meet our clients' cross-border trade requirements.

 Coco Green

Coconut Based Products for Your BBQ and Shisha Experience

The sweet smell of the smoke, very low in ash, and burns very evenly; are the reasons why our coconut based products will make you enjoy your barbeque, grill, or shisha experience to the fullest. Coco Green comes with three product varieties: SNAP Grill Briquettes, HOOKAH Premium Natural Shisha Coal, and TAKE!. Take a visit to Coco Green website by clicking the link below.

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The world of taste in a new scale

Zubair Finest Molasses has best aroma from the long tradition of shisha culture. it was created with many unique competitive advantages. Fresh and smooth are the main traits, but best of all.shisha experience to the fullest with Zubair finest molassesvarieties: Add it!, 0 Tobacco. Take a visit to Zubair website by clicking the link below.

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Accessories, Decoration, and Furniture Proudly Made in Indonesia 

Land of thousands of ethnic, cultures, and ideas inspires warm-hearted people to create beautiful art pieces in the form of accessories, decorations, and furniture. Gernada by Oscar GmbH aims to give European people the experience of owning such a beautiful piece of art by exporting those to German market.


Any Positive Products or Services

We are here to help you providing any other products or services you can think of, as long as it is permitted by the law. Whether it is bespoke, hand-made, or a very exclusive products or services; we accept and provide them all.


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